Data, Graphics and Paint FAQ

Repair Estimate FAQ - Data, Graphics & Paint

Data, Graphics & Paint FAQ

  • Where do you source the Parts Price data from?

    Parts prices are sourced from the Original Equipment Manufacturer.

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  • Where do you source the labour times data from?

    Labour times are sourced from the Original Equipment Manufacturer.

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  • What do the colours mean on the graphics?

    Graphics are colour coded dependent on their material i.e.  Purple = Ultra-high strength steel. Please see section 3 of the 'Repair Estimate user guide'.

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  • How do I make sure that the options are included?

    You can select the appropriate options in the 'Zone' section - the graphic will then change accordingly.

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  • How often is the system updated?

    Parts prices and labour times are updated monthly, as well as adding new models.

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  • Why doesn’t my vehicle have graphics?

    Some vehicles have not yet been updated with the latest graphics.

    At November 2016 95.6% of the UK car parc and 42.5% of the UK LCV coverage have graphics. We will be adding to these numbers all the time.

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  • What is the source data for the UK paint materials costs?

    The source data is the paint price lists supplied by the paint mfrs and suppliers. The price lists are provided/collected by AZT and compiled into computed average figures for use in 3rd party systems. The prices do not include VAT which is added later by Repair Estimate.

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  • Which paint companies/suppliers are included?

    Wet Materials: Glasurit, Sikkens, Spies Hecker, Standox, ICI, PPG, Cromax, RM
    Dry Materials: 3M, Teroson. Dupont and Lecher are not included.

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  • Who collects the paint data?


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  • How often are updates applied to the prices?

    Usually twice a year - February/March and July/August.

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  • When should I use the paint mark up? / What paint types does the paint mark up apply to?

    This is to be used for effect paints (e.g. mica, pearl and xirallic). The mark up should be unnecessary for Metallic paints.

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  • How much paint mark up should I use?

    We have left it at 0% for customers to make their own decision, although we can advise that market average is around 1.5%.

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  • Is there a paint operation that is used for paint blends?

    Yes - Adjacent panel blend.

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  • Is water based paint considered as standard in Repair Estimate?


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  • What is the coverage of the UK Car Parc?

    97.7% from 2005 on (95.6% with advanced graphics).

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  • What is the coverage of the LCV Parc?

    89.8% from 2003 on (42.5% with advanced graphics)

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