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Training & Support FAQ

Repair Estimate FAQ - Training & Support

Training and Support FAQ

  • Why does Repair Estimate not open when I click Start Repair Estimate?

    You need to ensure that pop ups are not being blocked in your web browser.

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  • Is there a user manual?

    Yes, please see the 'Getting Started Guide' and 'How to complete a simple estimate guide'.

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  • How will the training course be delivered?

    Training will be delivered via an online webinar.

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  • How much is the training course?

    Training will be free of charge.

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  • How do I report an issue with the product or suggest improvements?

    Please contact our Helpdesk on 0203 897 2550 or Customer services on 0203 897 2500.

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  • Which browser is the best to use for Repair Estimate?

    Supported browsers are Google Chrome, Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox.

    Find our full list of supported browsers and operating systems here.

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  • Can I use Repair Estimate on a mobile phone or tablet?

    Yes, Repair Estimate is optmised to function on both Android and iOS based tablets.

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  • How do I add an additonal user to my account?

    Please contact our Customer Services team on 0203 897 2500.

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  • How do I set up an additional user that I have purchased?

    When logged in to Market Value Assessor, My Account > Manage Users > Modify New User.

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  • How do I receive my login credentials?

    You will be sent a welcome email to activate your account with your Username and Password.

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  • How do I reset my login credentials?

    Use the Forgotten Password / Forgotten Username option on the login screen or contact our Customer Services team on 0203 897 2500.

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