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Trade and Retail valuations price guide for cars on smartphone and tablet

Glass’s Car Guide App gives you everything the trade loves about the ‘industry bible’, and so much more.

Working on and offline and with four times the valuations of the book, values back to 1999, simple mileage adjustment and uncapped VRM lookups, it's our most powerful, easy to use Guide ever.

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We know our Car Guide App will really help your business. But don't just take our word for it. Trial our Car Guide App today and see what it can do.

We will process your application within 48 hours (excluding weekends). You will receive your login details via email and this is when your trial will begin. Trials last 7 days.

We do not provide one off valuations to private sellers or individuals. The details submitted on this form will be used to determine if you work for a business in the automotive industry. If you do not, you will not be set up with a trial. If you think we will not be able to identify your business from these details please call us to arrange a trial on 020 3897 2500.


  • Easy to use reference price guide for Trade and Retail car valuations
  • Insightful market trend and editorial reflecting supply and demand of used cars and how this affects residual values so you always know what’s going on in the automotive landscape each month
  • Understand unique model identifiers, such as registration and introduction dates, to help you correctly identify and value as accurately as possible
  • Uncapped vehicle registration mark lookups allow you to more accurately value your entire stock


  • Residual value data for cars back to 1999
  • Updated monthly
  • Trade value movement indicator
  • Model description
  • Date of registration
  • Month and year of introduction
  • Insurance and mileage ratings
  • Average mileage and easy adjustment slider
  • CO2 emissions
  • Editorial and market trends
  • Latest industry news updated daily
  • Manufacturer specific market intelligence
  • Underwrite directories
  • Important modifications and dating features
  • Limited and special editions
  • GlassCode


Where can I download the app?

The Glass Guide app is available on iTunes and Google Play. Follow the appropriate link below to take you straight to the app, or search for ‘GlassGuide’ on the appropriate app store.

Download Glass’s Guide for iPhone

Download Glass’s Guide for iPad

Download Glass’s Guide for Android phone or tablet

Do I need Internet access to download the app?

Yes. You need to have Wi-Fi, 3G or 4G to download the app from the appropriate store.

Do I need internet access to use the app?

No, as long as you connect to the internet once a month to download the current month’s data to your device you can manually search for valuations “offline”. However, to use the Registration Number lookup function, the device will need to be connected to the internet.

How do I login and access the app?

You will need to have a valid Glass’s username and password in order to download data and populate your app. If you don’t already have one, please call Glass’s on +44 (0)203 897 2500 to arrange access.

Both usernames and passwords are case sensitive. Once the App is installed on your device, you must login to download the current month’s data, as well as enable the Registration Number look up function.

Settings cog

To download valuation data and enable the App, select the Settings icon (above), followed by Update, under “Update car price data”. The data shall be downloaded. You are only required to login once per month to access valuation data and use Registration Number search.

What does the Settings cog do?

To download valuation data and enable the App, select the cog Settings icon (shown above), followed by Update, under "Update car price data".  The data will then download. 

You are required to login once per month to access valuation data and to use the Registration Number search.  The settings cog also shows you your username, Unique Device ID (UDID) and also allows you to access the previous 2 months data.

What devices does the App work on?

Apple iPhones and iPads and Android Tablets and Android Smartphones. Due to the nature of the Android market, we cannot guarantee that every type of Android device is compatible with the App. However, we’re committed to ensuring the most popular devices are catered for on an ongoing basis.

What is the minimum Apple Operating System requirements?

iOS7 or above.

What is the minimum Android Operating System requirements?

Android 4 or above.

How many devices can I use the App on?

Each username and password will only work on one smartphone and one tablet. In order to arrange access for more users or devices, please call Glass’s on +44 (0)203 897 2500.

How much storage does the App typically use on my device?

Downloading both the App and the associated months’ valuation data, will use roughly 250 MB of storage capacity. This is the equivalent of about 2 mp3 albums (music files).

The App and the data has been specially compressed to ensure minimal storage space is required.

The App states “setting up – please wait". Why is this?

Each month, the first time you value a vehicle by a particular manufacturer, that data is unzipped and decompressed. This is done to ensure the size of the data downloaded to your device is small, quick to download and takes up less memory. The "setting up" message will only be displayed once per month per manufacturer valued. Low volume manufactures will be set up a lot quicker than larger manufactures.

I cannot find and value a vehicle using the Registration Number search. Why is this?

Your device must be connected to the Internet to use this function.

Not all vehicles are valued by Glass’s, particularly rare, new or exotic models. Try searching for the vehicle manually using the “Used Car” search.

How do I adjust the valuation for high or low mileage?

All valuations provided by default are based on standard mileage for that year and plate. To adjust mileage use the mileage slider. The mileage slider spans left to right in 10,000 mile increments. Far left you'll find average/standard mileage.

If the vehicle has been valued using the Registration Number and the device is online, you can enter the exact mileage into the mileage input box. Please note for exact mileage adjustment, the device must be connected to the internet. Mileage adjust in this instance is to the nearest 1,000 miles.

What valuation data is available on the GlassGuide App?

The GlassGuide App contains circa 65,000 vehicles (the traditional printed guide contains a maximum of 13,000). All have Glass Trade, Grade Hi/Av/Lo and Retail Asking values. Depending on mileage, all can be mileage adjusted (excluding premium and exotic vehicles). The standard average mileage values are the same across all Glass’s Products. Mileage adjustment is rounded to the nearest 10,000 when using the manual “used car” search and 1,000 using the registration number search.

What happens if I log into another Glass’s product or service with the same username?

The GlassGuide app will still keep you logged and shall function. GlassNet can only be logged into one machine at a time. The number of devices your account will work on for the Glass's Guide App is dependent on the volume of subscriptions paid for.

Can I save or favourite data?

Every vehicle search completed on the device will be logged in the History tab. This is a basic reverse chronological displaywhich allows valuations to be rerun or deleted.

How do I switch between Retail Asking and Retail Transacted values?

Each valuation page will show a blue toggle button to switch between "Show Retail Transacted" and "Show Retail Asking".  Note how the column label changes.  Users can also set a default retail value by switching on or off Retail Transacted via the Settings cog.

How do I value a vehicle for a previous month?

Historical valuations are accessible by firstly valuing the vehicle for the current month.  To access the prior month's valuation, tap the drop down box and scroll to a prior month (up to 24 months ago).  It's important to note that your device will require internet access to access historical valuations for data months that are not stored on your device.

How regularly does the valuation date update?

The valuation data is downloaded once per month. When new data is available a little red ‘update’ icon will appear above the Settings (cog) icon. Please note that the app will hold up to three consecutive months data offline. This process is automatic after the update selection is made.  Your device must be connected to the internet to download new valuation data for that month.

How do I know what valuation month data I am using?

Each valuation page states the valuation month within the drop down box.

I have access to GlassNet and GlassGuide App – can I see a combined history?

No. The two systems are completely independent apart from the username and password used at login.  Vehicles valued in the App will not appear in GlassNet and vice versa.

Is the usage of the App limited in any way?

No. There are no capped usage limits with Glass's Guide App unless you have been specifically advised at the point of sale.


  • Glass’s Trade
  • Retail Asking
  • Grade Hi
  • Grade Av
  • Grade Lo
  • Cost New