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Work retail back with the click of a button to research the market


Live Retail Pricing data, powered by Radar, is our trump card.  It combines our most accurate, real-time values with the ability to research how vehicles are being priced in your area or across the UK.

With more and more dealers trawling classified adverts to work retail back, Radar is the perfect tool to do the dirty work for you.


Enter a car’s registration and mileage and Radar searches 8.4 million, trade only, real-time adverts posted by you and your peers every year. In seconds you’ll get an average Live Retail Price for that car, locally or nationally, and the average number of days it takes to sell.


Radar will also tell you:

  • which of your competitors are stocking a similar vehicle
  • how much they’re asking for it
  • how long it’s been on their forecourt
  • if they’ve changed the price

You can even click through to view the live classified adverts to check all the details.

Radar is available online, on mobile or integrated into your existing systems and portals.

For more information or to take a trial please call us on +44 (0)203 897 2500 or email us on product.enquiries@glass.co.uk



“I always work retail back using Glass's Live Retail Pricing, through Radar, to see what I should expect in my area. I simply find the car I want, what it should sell for and then bid accordingly at auction. It is a superb tool to use and usually gives a more accurate price than a static, non-regionalised retail valuation.”

Thomas Ladyman, Director of TML Cars

“As for the live real time pricing, Glass Radar is just as good, if not better than i-control or retail checker. Although Glass Radar doesn't pick up AT ads, it does trawl through most other classifieds and the majority of cars are advertised on other platforms as well as AT so I haven't seen that as a problem.”

James Lugger, Ugborough Garages

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