We’ve been benchmarking ourselves against the market in more depth than ever before. It means we know our strengths and address our weaknesses and monitor our performance month on month. Here’s the journey so far.

Overall accuracy

Our initial focus has been on our overall accuracy figure – this is our Glass Trade value as a % of the observed auction hammer price. This figure has been improving since April 2015. It hovers just above the observed hammer price. In August 2015 we hit 100.1%. Now we need to focus on keeping it at this! No small task in the current climate of PCP returns, emissions scandals and a recent plate change.

Closer to the auction hammer price

Now that our overall accuracy figure is in a place we are happy with, we’re paying more attention to those makes, models and derivatives that fall furthest from the observations. That will see this figure, which usually hovers around the 50% mark, start to improve as any outliers are modified to fall more in line with our overall accuracy figure. We’ll never be more accurate on 100% of observations, but we’ll certainly try.

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