Fleet & Finance

How we work with Fleet & Finance companies

Accurately identifying, pricing and forecasting the residual value of vehicles is key to ensuring strong profit.  We provide you with the raw data, tools and advice to help you manage the entire process from vehicle configuration and ordering through to remarketing.

No company can afford to be blind to the cost variations of their fleet and we are focused on delivering the needs of fleet managers, finance professionals and leasing and rental companies across Europe to help you transparently manage your fleet with no surprises.

Our residual value products enable you to continually adjust and keep your fleet’s value up-to-date, however diverse.

  • Track and reforecast the value of your fleet regularly.
  • Manage your current and future risk by continually monitoring the residual value performance of each of your vehicles.
  • Quickly and easily compare valuation and forecast data for vehicles within your own country, or across Europe giving you the information you need to make effective business decisions.

Our data includes residual value forecasts, comprehensive service, maintenance and repair data and vehicle cost and options data. This enables you to have complete control of your fleet vehicles, reducing risks which will help maintain better relations with lenders. This intelligence can be used to support your internal systems, products and online applications providing you with accurate and reliable information on which to base your business decisions.

Our solutions for Fleet & Finance

  • Glass's Forecast Data

    With transparency and expertise at its core

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    Glass's Forecast Data image
  • GlassData Vehicle Identification

    Accurately identify the correct vehicle

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    GlassData Vehicle Identification image
  • GlassData Vehicle Specification

    In-depth data to identify a vehicle's true specification

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    GlassData Vehicle Specification image
  • GlassData Valuation

    Accurate vehicle valuation data

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    GlassData Valuation image
  • Glass's Service, Maintenance and Repair Data

    Accurate Service, Maintenacen, Repair and Parts data

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    Glass's Service, Maintenance and Repair Data image
  • GlassNet Radar - Live Retail Pricing

    The ultimate online valuation and stock management tool to maximise your profits

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    GlassNet Radar - Live Retail Pricing image
  • Residual Value Monitor

    Monitor residual value movements across time

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    Residual Value Monitor image
  • ICME Plus

    Service and Repair estimation tool for Cars and LCVs

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    ICME Plus image
  • Car Guide App

    Trade and Retail valuations price guide for cars on smartphone and tablet

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    Car Guide App image
  • Caravan Guide App

    Trade and Retail valuations price guide for caravans

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    Caravan Guide App image
  • Commercial Vehicle Guide

    Commercial Vehicle valuations are now only available online.

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  • Motorcycle Guide

    Motorcycle valuations are now only available online.

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